Institution Responsible
December 9, 2015
Anti-Corruption Conference
- Anti Corruption Organization
- Office of the National
- Followers of Dr. Puey
November 2015 to March 2016
Building the open air museum showing his biography, his works and memorable actions, his philosophy and ideology in the Puey rural training center in the province of Chainart
Foundation of Rural Development
March 9, 2015 to end of March, 2016
Youth activities in honour of Dr. Puey
Books for primary school students
- "Grandpa Puey's biography" Cartoon Book
- "From womb to tomb" Concept Cartoon Book
"Grandpa Puey" cartoon Trilogy
- Young Adult Fictions in 20 chapters about the tireless attempt and the virtue of Dr. Puey for secondary school students
- TU
- Assumption College
- Thai Cartoon Association of Thailand
- Ministry of Education
March 9, 2015 to March, 2016
Seminars and conferences to promote his good behavior ideology and philosophy throughout the country
- Conference to promote his famous economic belief
- TU
- Bank of Thailand
September, 2015 to March, 2016
Books on the centennial anniversary of Dr. Puey
- "Dr. Puey-A decent person whom I know"
- "Along 100 years of Puey Ungphakorn"
- "The Thought that Engraved"
TU and Dr. Puey's Followers
Thai Folksong CD
"Calendar of memory - from womb to tomb"
- CD of the song
"Dr. Puey-With love and admiration"
TU and TU Alumni
TU and TU Alumni in Musical Business
May, 2015
A stage play about Dr. Puey's work adventure named "Retrace the Dragon's path" at Thailand Cultural Centre
TU and Tu Alumni
March, 2016
Renovation of Talad Noi Community (his birthplace) to be a place with living environments of Chinese community in the time of his childhood which could attract Thai sightseers as well as foreign tourists
- Treasury Department, Ministry of Finance
- TU
- Bank of Thailand
Year 2016
TU is preparing to establish "Puey Ungpakorn School of Rural Development" in his honour
Febuary, 2016
Conference in Memory of Dr. Puey Ungphakorn, the founder of SEACEN
Bank of Nagara Malaysia and SEACEN